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Assembling a team of high performing people is hard.
Learn how to remove bias and hire people who objectively align to the role, manager, organization, and team and discover how to inspire your employees to perform at their best every day!

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They Don't Teach This in School

Talent Optimization is a scalable, teachable framework for
hiring, management, and engagement that helps you drive growth
and build dream teams that get the job done.


For companies that want autonomous, high-performing teams

Develop self-awareness and awareness of the strengths and blind spots of your team. Identify your strategic goals, who is best to execute them, and where you might need additional team support.


For companies that want to hire the right candidate every time

Use scalable assessments to craft roles and learn which candidates are the right fit for your role, team, managerial style, and the org as a whole. The Behavioral Interview Guide will help you fill in skills and experience gaps.


For companies that want to unleash managers' potential

Grow as a leader with self-coaching tips. Motivate your team with customized actions based on their natural drives. Best of all, free up time because it all comes at a glance!

The #1 Predictor of Manager Success is

Only 10-15% of people are actually self-aware. 

Take our 5 minute Behavioral Assessment for free. We’ll send you the results immediately and you can set up a free call to dive deeper. 

You’ll be amazed at how accurate the results are and see first-hand how these tools can transform your capabilities as a manager!

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Develop Outstanding Managers

New to a management role? Nominate yourself or someone you know for: The Outstanding Manager Training Program.

Most people are promoted to manage with no training, learning only the good and bad habits of their prior supervisors. 

We drive home what it means to be a manager, help develop self-awareness, teach how to become aware of individual and team strengths and blind spots, how to manage conflict, and much more in our 8-week manager training program.

Hire Outstanding Talent

Intuitive hiring is a thing of the past. 

Understand what drives your candidates and how they fit in to the role, manager, team, and culture…all at a glance.

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Inspire Employees to Stand Out

Understand why teams are not meeting their goals and learn exactly what you can do to help them excel. 

Learn how to coach and support employees based on their unique drives and motivations.

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We are proud to work with forward-thinking managers
to improve processes and make smarter people decisions.