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Build Resilience in your Workforce with Emotional Intelligence

Resilience is the #1 predictor of success in teamwork, leading, and managing, but building resilience requires emotional intelligence.

86% of resilient employees report they are highly motivated compared to 44% of non-resilient employees.

The current problem: only about 30% of employees are resilient and in today's world of work, with constant change, resilience is more important than ever.

Workshops available for employees, managers/leaders, and teams. Virtual, in person, and hybrid.

Why are Emotional Intelligence and 

Resilience so critical right now?

The workplace is changing at a rapid pace, whether that’s remote or hybrid work, the economy and layoffs, bringing in new technologies, the shift in organizations requiring employees to adhere to ‘social’ agendas, or simply that people are coming and going at a rapid pace. 

Emotional Intelligence and Resilience are the two primary predictors of how a person manages and reacts to change and stress and directly correlates to their performance under these conditions. Here’s why:

Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize and understand one’s own emotions and the emotions of others, and to use this information to guide thoughts and actions. Resilience is the ability to bounce back from adversity and to adapt to change.

Individuals with high emotional intelligence are better able to:

  • Understand and manage their own emotions which increases resilience
  • Cope with stress and difficult situations
  • Bounce back from setbacks
  • Recognize and support the emotional needs of others
  • Create a more positive and supportive work environment

Individuals who are resilient are better able to:

  • Handle stress
  • Adapt to change
  • Recover from setbacks
  • More easily improve emotional intelligence
  • Adopt a more positive attitude and outlook
  • Build and maintain better relationships, personally and professionally

Emotional intelligence and resilience are closely related and both can contribute to the overall well-being of an individual. 
They support each other and help people to cope with the challenges of life and work.


For Employees:  There is constant change in today’s workplace. Paired with an increasing demand on employees to do more with less, employees are feeling more stress and burnout than ever before.

Format: 4 x 2 hour sessions spaced two weeks apart provide enough time between to assimilate knowledge, while keeping momentum. Includes a free Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment for each employee (a $5000 value), to support the development of self-awareness and awareness of others in the context of work. 

Investment: $8000 flat fee for 10-50 employees
Custom pricing available above 50

For Managers:  Managers are dealing with more emotions and feelings at work. Each interaction can take a toll on relationships at work and at home, break communication, and hinder their ability to make the right decisions.

Format: Everything in “For Employees” plus two 30 minute one-on-one coaching sessions for each manager with our IO psychologist, where we talk through and triage current issues facing their direct reports and team dynamics. Managers get lifetime access to Predictive Index assessment results for themselves and each of their employees.

Investment: $8000 flat fee + $500 per manager



For Teams:  Team dynamics are critical to performance. Resilient people definitively make better team members. Prevent misunderstandings, open up lines of communication, and drive adaptability through emotional intelligence.

Format: Everything in “For Employees” and “For Managers” + an additional two hour Discover Your Team Type session using Predictive Index assessments. The additional team session highlights each member’s strengths and helps to develop more cohesive, strategically aligned, empathetic team dynamics.

Investment: $9,500 per team

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