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About TOC

The Outstanding Company is a human capital consulting firm specializing in workplace psychology and aligning the right people and teams to strategy.
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The Outstanding Company was founded by current owner and Principal Consultant, Natalie Grogan, in 2018. Natalie has a passion and talent for building resilience and cohesion among employees, teams, organizations during times of change and disruption.

As a Master of Science and practitioner of IO (workplace) psychology, Natalie is constantly studying research in both psychology and management to provide evidence-based solutions that create lasting results. The Outstanding Company does not use pop-culture interventions, which can create more harm than good. 

Natalie also hosts The Head, the Heart, and the Briefcase podcast where she brings the latest and most relevant IO psychology research to the public in a digestible format with actionable insights to meet you where you are right now.  

Mission, Purpose, Values…and Vision

At The Outstanding Company, our passion for continuously studying workplace psychology and developing customized evidence-based solutions to people problems at work, is driven by our desire to help you. We are motivated by the excitement that comes from illuminating the right answer for you, one that may have previously seemed elusive. Our goal is to empower you to make informed decisions about people and management that will impact everyone’s future in a positive way.

We believe in making small corrections now, to prevent larger obstacles down the road. That’s why we focus on providing actionable insights that allow you to navigate the maze of business with confidence. Our expertise clears the mental path for you, so that you can make informed choices about hiring, managing, and developing people and teams, that align with your goals.

Let us help you discover the power of actionable insight and guide you towards a brighter future for everyone at your organization.

From Natalie:

“As a leader and strategic business consultant, my first passion was understanding complex business models, products, and services and being able to identify the common problems that keep organizations from reaching their goals. After many years, I understood that the biggest impact I could have on an organization is helping people become better at what they do, more satisfied with their work, and more effective as team members.

The biggest challenges for employees, managers, and leaders alike, are in periods of rapid growth, decline, or reorganization. My passion is creating and reinforcing stability, strength, and cohesion to help organizations achieve their full potential, in times of major disruption and change.”

Whether growing or shrinking, clients reach out when they want to:

  • Create a culture of self-awareness and cohesion
  • Develop a resilient workforce
  • Reinvigorate individuals and teams to move forward during and after change
  • Build buy-in on new direction and strategy
  • Coach managers and leaders through major change
  • Build data-informed talent reorganization strategies + contingency plans
  • Facilitate workshops and offsites

Here’s what clients have to say:

“Thank you for the incredible training and tool kit you provided this week! I am discussing with my team how we will be using them regularly, and incorporating them into our one-to-ones and day to day!” – C. S., Digital Marketing Agency

 “I love the daily office hours and as more of our managers realize what a phenomenal opportunity this is for improving hiring, giving feedback, coaching, reviews etc., more will jump on board! I love making my life easier with coaching and tools like this.” – J.D., Software Startup

 “These tools are amazing! How can I keep learning?” – J.O., Transportation Tec