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How to (re)Build a Resilient Team

Every morning we are bombarded with negative news.
Layoffs, economic challenges, and political disasters leave people fearful and unsure of the future, detracting focus from work and breaking team cohesion.

If you want your teams to thrive as a leader, you need to tap into their intrinsic motivations, help them create certainty in an uncertain world and build resilience across your teams so you can create a cohesive unit.

According to Gartner, highly cohesive teams are significantly more resilient and have a 37% higher likelihood of success.

In this 1 hour interactive learning session, your leaders, teams, or entire company will unlock a meaningful framework for creating resilient teams in times of stress, that bond and work together towards their goals.

How do you ensure your team is equipped to move forward and achieve their goals?

Recalibrate your team for resilience and performance. Individual and team confidence are especially critical right now. 

Align team members to one another and their strategic goals. 

Learn how each other works best, everyone’s individual and collective strengths, and any blind spots that might slow you down.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover the TEAM method for developing lasting cohesion and resilience
  • Learn why treating your team members exactly the same is a one-way ticket to misalignment
  • Uncover ways to go deep beyond the surface of team dynamics to accelerate goal achievement and solidify commitment

How it Works:

  • Free 30 minute discovery call to discuss the details of your organization or team (schedule that here
  • 1 hour interactive learning session focused on teaching the TEAM method
  • Team members get a free Predictive Index behavioral assessment for developing self-awareness
  • Attendees receive the tools to implement the TEAM method and access for 30 days of support

In this interactive learning session, we will dive into self-awareness as a foundation of resilience using the Predictive Index assessment (provided to each individual at no cost). Expanding on that, attendees will learn how individual differences can be turned into co-worker and team super powers. Pairing emotional intelligence with critical thinking and learning how to develop both is the next critical step. And finally, mapping and maximizing possibilities to be prepared for and thrive through whatever may come next for them. 

Available virtual or in-person*

Investment: $3,000 (+ travel for in-person engagements)

Also available as a more in-depth, hands-on team implementation workshop: click here for details