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Performance Psychology
for Business

The best investment you can make is in the psychological
performance of your workforce.
Give your people the tools they need to overcome any
obstacle and thrive at work and in life.

Employee Experience is Critical

The solution to all people problems at work is related to behavior.
People have natural drives that motivate them - these are needs
They also have wants - the way they want to be treated, managed, compensated, etc.
Once you understand these things using objective data,
you can easily improve your employee experience.



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Our Outstanding Clients

We are proud to work with scaling companies looking to improve performance and build exceptional teams.
These are just a few of them...

Predictive Index Certified Parter:
Easy to learn and extremely powerful.

A different way to think about people at work.
Understand yourself, others, and teams in relation to your business strategy so you can make objective decisions.

Screenshot from PI software for Team Type and Objectives
A grid of happy managers faces

The Employee Experience Survey

What do people really want?

The Predictive Index helps us understand what people objectively need at work.

RESPECT: The Employee Experience Survey helps us understand objectively what they want from their manager. 

Based on normative data from hundreds of industries and over 10,000 employees, RESPECT provides you with the data and action plan you need to make meaningful change for your workforce. 

Hire Outstanding Talent

For companies that want to hire the best candidate every time.

Intuitive hiring is a thing of the past. 

Understand what drives your candidates and how they fit in to the role, manager, team, and culture…all at a glance.

Screen shot of Predictive Index Interview Guide for Behavioral Fit

Inspire Employees to Stand Out

Understand why teams are not meeting their goals and learn exactly what you can do to help them excel. 

Learn how to coach and support employees based on their unique drives and motivations.

8,000+ Companies Trust Predictive Index Partners

62 Years of Science | 37.5 Million Assessments | 383 validity Studies

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