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Develop Team Resilience to Overcome Anything

Big change can create uncertainty, heightened emotions,
and disengagement among employees and teams.

In this workshop, we build resilience in order to move forward.
We identify what is or will block you from achieving your goals while celebrating team members' strengths and developing a new way of understanding each other.

When you know what your blind spots are, you have the opportunity to address them before they become a problem, accelerating your team's ability to achieve their goals and perform at their best.

Workshop available for both leadership and standard teams,
delivered virtually or in-person.

How do you ensure your team is equipped to move forward and achieve their goals?

Achieving team goals can be difficult even in the best of times.
Throw in mistrust, miscommunication, and misalignment, and the obstacles start to stack up.

Understand Your Team

We use a short, online behavioral assessment to understand the drives and motivations of your team members. This assessment tells reveals work-related people data such as how they:

  • Handle risk
  • Make decisions
  • Generate and value ideas
  • Need to work (environment)
  • Best communicate
  • Process information
  • Deal with conflict

Sharing the results with employees helps them develop better self-awareness, while helping us understand what they need to be successful and how they align on the Competing Values Framework. 

We can see each person’s greatest strengths and potential blind spots, as well as the strengths and potential blind spots when they work together as a team. 

Align to Strategic Goals

The POWER of this workshop is in understanding how the team aligns to your strategic initiatives. The manager and our IO psychologist discuss objectives in advance of the workshop. 

We overlay our employee profiles and strategic initiatives to gain insight into the strengths we can lean on. 

Even more importantly, we can see the areas where we are not aligned. When we can see our blind spots, we’re no longer blind to them, and can do something about them. 

Knowing is half the battle. 

If your strategic initiatives are driving new revenue and acquiring new clients, but your team’s strengths are organization, creating processes, and predictability, you’re going to have a problem.

When we can see that problem before it arises, we have options: add a team member with the strengths we need, upskill someone on the team to take these responsibilities, or come up with a game plan for accountability. 


Recalibrate your team for resilience and performance. Individual and team confidence are especially critical right now. 

Align team members to one another and their strategic goals. 

Learn how each other works best, everyone’s individual and collective strengths, and any blind spots that might slow you down.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover and apply the TEAM method for developing lasting cohesion and resilience
  • Learn why treating your team members exactly the same is a one-way ticket to misalignment
  • Uncover ways to go deep beyond the surface of team dynamics to accelerate goal achievement and solidify commitment

How it Works:

  • Free 30 minute discovery call with team leader to discuss current team dynamics and strategic initiatives (schedule that here
  • Team members each take a 5 minute behavioral assessment
  • 30 minute call with team leader to review team results prior to sharing with the team during the workshop
  • 4 hour interactive workshop with leader and team 
  • Develop a clear action plan for moving forward
  • Three week follow up to ensure accountability and follow through

All team members are present for this engaging 4 hour workshop. First, we’ll dive into each individual to celebrate how their greatest strengths show up at work. Then, we’ll address the strengths and blind spots of the group as a whole – communication, decision making, dealing with risk, etc. Finally, we will look at the team’s alignment with strategic initiatives. We will work together to develop ways to capitalize on team strengths and create an action plan to overcome areas where we see weaknesses. 

Available virtual or in-person*

Investment: $4,000 (plus flight + hotel for in-person workshops)

*all attendees and speaker must be either fully virtual or in the same room due to interactive conversation, preferably the venue where they mostly interact with one another on the day to day