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Talent Development

The #1 reason employees quit is lack of development opportunities.

How will you develop future leaders if you cant retain top talent?

› Employee retention is terrible – if we keep losing people, how can we sustain this business?

› We need to do more with less resources but only a a few people know how to perform critical tasks

› The sales manager quit but no one is prepared to take over the role – how do we prevent this?

 Millennials keep asking for development opportunities – how do we make them effective?

 We need to keep our best talent but our usual tactics aren’t working – what do people want?

 Jobs at our company are changing – how do we fill those roles with people who ‘get’ our company?

\ di-ˈve-ləp

intransitive verb.

a. to work out the possibilities of

b. to create of product by deliberate effort over time 

c. to promote the growth of 

d. to expand by a process of growth

How We Do It

Identify Top Talent

Taking stock of existing talent is an activity that should take place more often than it does. We help you identify top talent and understand what makes them stand out. This process helps us better understand how to improve performance in specific roles, gaining valuable insight into training and development needs. The main goal however, is to determine what individuals or groups of individuals are ready, willing, and will commit to working towards their next step in your organization.

Create Development Strategy

Employee development strategies are based on the previous step-creating opportunities that will help the employee achieve their personal career goals while also improving something that will solve a problem or contribute to the success of the organization. Part of developing the strategy and program is determining whether development opportunities will stand alone for one individual or if it is something you would like to make a program or learning opportunity for many employees or those considering a specific role. There are many different avenues to choose from and we'll help design a program that suits your specific wants and needs.

Define Org Needs + Employee Goals

Once we have established the individuals or groups that you would like to invest in, we need to understand employee-level, team-level, and org-level goals. What does the employee want to achieve? What is their ideal career path? What does the team or future team need? Where is the organization going and how does this align with our employees' goals? Employee development should be a mutually beneficial engagement and we help dig into the details to design a program that reached that goal.

Ongoing Development Support

Setting employees up with a development plan that supports their goals is not helpful on its own. We set milestones, check-ins, counseling sessions, and data reviews. Our goals are to ensure employee satisfaction and absorption of the program and measure the impact it has on the organization. In order to make employee development impactful, the follow through must be as good as the program.

2022 State of Talent Optimization Report

Executives share the impact of the Great Resignation and what is driving employee retention.