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Have you ever interviewed someone who is intelligent, engaging, and has the background you dreamed of for the role? Probably. Have you ever discovered 3 months into the job that they were not the person that you interviewed?

We are currently working with a rapidly growing startup that had this problem with two hires, costing the company over $125,000 in recruiting and onboarding, not including lost productivity and the implications on company culture (likely another $40k). 

Employee #1: Expensive Executive Hire

The new hire is a VP from an extremely well-known Fortune 500 IT company. He not only checked the boxes through the interview process in experience and culture and was seemingly overqualified – a welcome addition for a company about to get Series A funding. Three months into the job, he still wasn’t able to articulate what our client does and solve client problems – a big issue as the VP of Client Success. 

Employee #2: Key Development Hire

A Software Engineer was also brought in from a well-known company, with exceptional examples of his work, good references, and seemingly a personable guy. Everyone hates him. He has a bad attitude and seems to enjoy ruffling feathers, not only on his team but with everyone he encounters.  

We’re helping them solve this problem and prevent future hiring and culture misfires in 3 ways:

  • Modeling the role: use the key activities of the role, regardless of seniority, to determine the type of person we need beyond skills and experience (Quick Overview Video)

  • Cognitive assessment: each candidate takes a short, online EEOC compliant ‘quiz’ that measures how quickly a person can process complex information and their capacity to deal with the cognitive demands of a given position

  • Behavioral assessment: each candidate and employee takes a 4-5 minute assessment to identify their innate drives and motivations that we use to measure fits and gaps to the job model. 

Using interviews, you can predict on the job behavior by about 34%. When we add these tools, that number jumps to 58%. 

If this resonates with you, let’s set up a confidential, complimentary consultation to see if there might be some alignment with our services. You can reply to this email or click to schedule some time on my calendar.

Hiring with a Resume +Intuition