Understand Your Team's Drives and Motivations to
Improve Performance and Cohesion

Team Workstyles Leadership Session Description

Best For: CXO, Directors, Managers of People

Above you see a team that is very strong in Innovation and Agility but their team and company goals have shifted to focus on Process, Precision, Results, and Teamwork. Learn where your team falls in relation to your goals and how you can build confidence and better support them to achieve success. 

What You'll Get...

  • Psychometric assessment to examine your and each of your team members’ innate drives and motivations (takes 5 minutes) 

  • Insight into how each person perceives the need to stretch beyond their natural drives in the last 3-4 months to meet the demands of the work environment, that could potentially lead to disengagement and burn out

  • Dive into your team’s strategic initiatives and goals for Q4 and examine where your team aligns to them and identify gaps and potential needs to execute

  • Examine how your team works best overall and more specifically in the areas of Communication, Taking Action, and Decision Making

  • Personal action plan to realign yourself – prevent burn out and lead with confidence, use your natural strengths, and avoid falling victim to changing circumstances in the business

  • Take Aways for You (Printable PDFs): Manager Development Chart highlighting strengths, cautions, and self-coaching tips for you to refer back to, actionable Management Strategy Guides to help you support each team member based on their drives and motivations

  • Take Aways to Share with Team (Printable PDFs):  Assessment Results for each individual, Personal Development Charts for each team member highlighting their strengths, cautions, and self-coaching tips to share with them

How it Works...

Step 1: Register for Your Session Above – Calendar Appears after Submission

Step 2: Schedule 15 Minutes to Discuss the State of Your Team/Organization

Step 3: Each Team Member Takes the 5 Minute Assessment

Step 4: Submit $500 Payment Prior to Session (Credit Cards Accepted)

Step 5: Show Up for Our Call! 

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