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As a CEO or business leader, you most likely have faced one of the many business problems that we solve. Most business problems can be tied back to people problems and we crush these challenges every day!

Our methods are scalable, effective, efficient, and scientifically validated hundreds of times over. We combine simple assessments, easy to use software, and educational workshops to teach and empower your business leaders to make better decisions when it comes to hiring, engagement, strategy alignment, leadership development, and much more. When you have data, you no longer have to take your best guess.  

Four Clients, Four Very Different Problems

1. Are you hiring like crazy?

One of our clients is a fast-growing international retail startup with big time growing pains. They have an office in Australia with no leadership roles and another in LA where the co-founders sit. They wanted to promote someone who has been with them since early-on, but no one was interested in the leadership role. The older employees didn’t trust the newer employees and the Australian employees didn’t like the faster, demanding pace of the LA office. It was killing company culture in a critical growth period and, as we say, culture eats strategy for breakfast. 

If you’d like to find out how we got their employees to work together and respect each other, got the right person in that leadership role, and made it so they won’t have a succession planning problem in the future, click to schedule a free 15 minute consultation with our CEO.

2. Have you had a change on the leadership team?

One challenge we see when our clients have a change in their leadership team is getting everyone re-aligned on the business strategy and ensuring they have the right people and teams to execute it. Despite sharing the strategy with the team, the CEO is often mislead when it comes to agreement because others don’t want to ruffle feathers. What happens is confusion or speculation that leads to disengagement and whisper conversations, creating a culture of distrust that trickles down through the organization.

If you’d like to find out how we solved these problems using data and science, click to schedule 15 minutes on our CEO’s calendar.

3. Are you suffering from bad Glassdoor/Yelp reviews?

We have a client who had terrible Glassdoor reviews and their employer brand was suffering badly. They could not attract top talent because of it, and the company culture was one of whispers and complaints behind leaders’ backs. Because of it, they hired people out of necessity who were not ideal candidates, further crushing the company culture, driving employee engagement into the ground, and earning more bad Glassdoor reviews from people they should never have had to hire in the first place. 

If you’d like to find out how we turned their employer brand and company culture around to start attracting the best candidates and improving their Glassdoor ranking, click to schedule 15 minutes on our CEO’s calendar.

4. Do you have high turnover in the organization or one particular role?

Our last example is a client who was burning through sales people. We did the math and every time they let someone go, it cost them roughly 30% of the employee’s annual salary to replace them. When I started with them, they had let go 4 sales people in the prior 60 days, costing them about $100,000 over only two months.

If you’d like to find out how we completely turned around their hiring process using science and data, drastically improving their retention rate, saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars, and naturally improving company culture, for a fraction of their losses, click to schedule 15 minutes on our CEO’s calendar.


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