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Surviving Crisis Workshops
for Business Leaders + Managers

In the last 60 days, business priorities and strategies have shifted, team dynamics and the way people work have completely changed, and the future is uncertain.  

To help all businesses navigate this, we are now offering three workshops to get leadership teams clear on new priorities and maximize team and employee productivity: Leading in Crisis, Team Building Through Change (90 minutes each) and Team Work Styles (30 minutes).

We are offering unprecedented access to The Predictive Index platform without having to pay for a subscription.

Workshop #1: Leading in Crisis:
Confidently lead through crisis and beat the odds

Leading in Crisis Workshop Graphic
Agenda for Lead Through Crisi Workshop

Ideal for executive teams that...

• Have had to pivot strategy as a result of market conditions, mergers and acquisitions, disruption, or other significant forces

• Have had to recently rightsize or reconfigure their workforce

• Are struggling to gain alignment on key business priorities

Leading in Crisis addresses two of the most critical parts of a business during a downturn: strategy and workforce. In 2020, we’re experiencing an unprecedented event. Re-aligning business priorities, workforce, or both is an acute reality for many and the stakes are high. Powerful emotions are at play when your leadership is needed most. But where do you start?

Through this virtual workshop, you’ll learn a framework for building your way back to stability and gain access to objective data so you can confidently address critical business decisions fast. You’ll come away from this session ready to align your business strategy with your available workforce by identifying priorities, sources of misalignment, knowing your strengths, and unfreezing your workforce.

• Session Length: 90 minutes

• Session Format: Virtual only

• Ideal Group Size: 6-10

$750 per workshop

Workshop #2: Team Building Through Change
Re-build, unfreeze, and lead your most important asset: your people

Team Building Through Change Workshop Graphic

Ideal for teams that...

  • Are in critical positions in a changing business environment
  • Have had to adapt to sudden shifting business priorities
  • Have had to recently rightsize or reconfigure teams
  • Are experiencing loss of productivity or disengagement due to recent changes
  • Ideal size 6-10 members
Agenda for Team Building Through Crisis Workshop

Workshop #3: Free 30 Minute Team Work Styles

Learn about your team’s Work Styles to help them perform at their best during this time and beyond. 

We will look at how they best communicate, take action, and make decisions to create an action plan.

How it works: 

1. Schedule a 15 minute consultation to discuss your unique challenges

2. Each employee (up to 10) takes the short Behavioral Assessment and receives their high-level results via email

3. 30-minute workshop call to look at team dynamics and outline how you can help individuals use their strengths to thrive during this time as well as look at the team as a whole. 

Deliverables include: BA results for each employee, Management Strategy Guide for each employee, and Team Work Styles overview. We will be available via email to answer follow-up questions.

Screen shot of Team Work Styles from Predictive Index Talent Optimization Platform