Increase Self-Awareness and Realign Leadership Style to
Prevent Burn Out and Lead with Confidence

Complimentary one to one leadership coaching session based on psychometrics

Best For: CXO, Directors, Managers of People

What You'll Get...

  • Complimentary, 30 minute session with The Outstanding Company CEO, Natalie Grogan 

  • Psychometric assessment to examine your innate drives and motivations (takes 5 minutes)

  • Assessment also shows how you’ve had to stretch beyond your natural inclinations in the last 3-4 months to meet the demands of your environment

  • Dive into your last few months at work and examine what’s causing the stretch and tension

  • Personal action plan to realign yourself – prevent burn out and lead with confidence, use your natural strengths, and avoid falling victim to changing circumstances in the business

  • Printable PDFs of Assessment Results, Personal Development Chart, and Manager Development Chart to keep you on track 

How it Works...

Step 1: Register for Your Session Above – Calendar Appears after Submission

Step 2: Take the 2 Question, 5 Minute Assessment 48 hours Prior to Call 

Step 3: Show Up for Our Call! 

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