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Increase team transparency and productivity

Chances are at some point in your career you have worked with other professionals who you didn’t work well with, who you thought didn’t like you, or who got on your own nerves. While people present with behaviors and personality traits that you may or may not like, beneath those layers are their unique drives and needs.

The Predictive Index (PI) talent optimization solutions can shine a light on each employee’s differences, and The Outstanding Company can show you and your colleagues how to leverage your unique traits to build a strong team, divide projects to the person best-suited for the assignment, work through conflicts, and maximize your talent.

Why people behave the way they do

The PI Behavioral Assessment collects data from an individual and measures their drive for dominance, extraversion, patience, and formality. These four factors tell a lot about a person, such as whether they like to lead a team or contribute as a team member, think out loud and work with other people or have more time to process alone, perform routine tasks or have a variety of projects, and have clear guidelines and details or are comfortable with ambiguity.

Picture this: you like to receive a lot of information prior to beginning a project and will procrastinate starting something until you have all the details, but your manager is someone who works well with ambiguity and therefore assigns projects with little direction. Neither of these traits is wrong or right, they just simply are, but without recognizing these predictive behaviors the likelihood that you and your manager will experience tension and discord while working together is very high.

By acknowledging and accepting your needs in the workplace and recognizing the needs of your manager and teammates, you can have a productive dialogue about how to best work together. In this example, you can let your manager know when you need more information to accomplish a project, and they can recognize why you may be slow to start a project rather than getting frustrated with you or feel like you are underperforming. Your manager can also provide additional career development to help you work on projects that are more aligned with your needs.

Implementing a process that creates a productive and cohesive team

First, you and your team will all take a 6-minute free-choice assessment that asks about your personality traits. Once you take this PI Behavioral Assessment, you will each receive a report and a visual pattern, called a reference profile, that highlights your drives and explains how these drives influence your behavior in the workplace. Through virtual or in-person training, The Outstanding Company will help you and your team navigate the nuances of each pattern and will teach you to understand each other’s behaviors in relation to your Behavioral Assessment results.

It’s also important to use the PI tools when you are adding a new employee to your team, whether it is an internal or external hire. That person should take the Behavioral Assessment and the team manager or other PI implementation expert at the company should take the time to explain what it means to the candidate.

Using the Team Work Styles tool in the software, you can look at a visual grid of how each of your employees will work together and which of four areas they will have a tendency towards: teamwork & employee experience, innovation & agility, results & discipline, and process & precision. You can plug-in the candidate to your team’s chart to see how they would align with the team or which new skills they would be contributing. This tool can help predict areas of conflict that you can discuss before it happens and prevent friction on your team.

Keep it going

Just like everything else in life, if you don’t use it, you lose it. 

Once your team is trained on the PI factors and language and everyone understands one another’s drives and needs, make sure you are revisiting these conversations regularly so that you don’t end up back at square one. The Outstanding Company offers our clients quarterly tune-up meetings to review how you are using The Predictive Index solutions and provide guidance on areas for improvement. 

You can also get into the habit of looking at colleagues’ reference profiles as part of your meeting preparation – this will help you determine if you should have a detailed agenda, leave lots of time for discussion, send reading materials out in advance, and how you lead the meeting. Many PI clients choose to print their reference profiles out and post them next to their desk (or in this virtual world – on their company intranet page, instant messenger, and video chat profiles) so others can get familiar with their working style. 

Read this blog for more team building exercises to maintain your team’s strength, and contact me if you are ready to learn more about how The Outstanding Company can increase transparency and productivity on your team.