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Streamline the hiring process, use objective data, get buy-in and alignment from hiring managers, and earn a strategic seat at the leadership table

Strategic HR = A Seat at the Table

Spend more time on talent strategy and less time interviewing the wrong people. Prove to your leadership team that HR can drive serious ROI by reducing time-to-hire and hiring costs, drastically improving retention and replacement costs, and providing valuable insight into the potential success of individuals and teams.

If you prevent ONE bad hire, you've already doubled ROI.

Write Better Job Ads

The PI Job Assessment maps the behavioral and cognitive profile of people best suited to the role. It also produces a Job Summary, explaining your open role in terms that will be psychologically attractive to the type of person you're seeking.

Develop Outstanding Managers

Most people are promoted to manage with no training, bringing along the habits instilled by their own managers. The Outstanding Manager Training Program drives home what it means to be a manager, helps develop self-awareness, teaches how to become aware of individual and team strengths and blind spots, dives into how to manage conflict, and much more in our 8-week live coaching class.

Hire Better, Faster

Hiring is expensive and time lost costs money and morale. Speed up your time-to-hire with targeted job ads based on the behavioral profile of your ideal candidates. Behavioral and cognitive assessments show you at-a-glance how each candidate lines up. You can easily and objectively identify top-picks and provide hiring managers with Structured Interview Guides to help them ask the right questions to fill in the knowledge and skills gaps not provided in the assessments. Integrates with most ATS.

Get Crystal Clear on Needs

Our Job Assessment aligns all stakeholders on the needs to each role, taking the guess-work off recruiters and giving managers the tools to objectively define the roles on their team. Team Discovery shows at-a-glance how new candidates will fit into the team and their strategy.

Structured Interview Guides

The Job Assessment creates a profile, candidates are measured against the profile for fits and gaps to the role. The Structured Interview Guide compares the candidate's Behavioral Assessment to the Job Assessment target and provides you with targeted questions to help you dig deeper into both areas of alignment and misalignment.

See How it Works

From strategic planning to succession planning, Talent Optimization fosters clarity and alignment, driving satisfaction and productivity through the roof!

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