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(re)Building Dream Teams Workshop

Rebound from 2020 Challenges. Realign Remote Teams.
Work May Never Be The Same So What Are You Waiting For?

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Who This Workshop is For...

Leadership, Executive, and Management Teams

Teams Adjusting to Remote Work

Teams Who Have Experienced Reduction In Force

…Any Team That Needs a Jumpstart for Q4!

If you answer YES to any of these questions, this is definitely for you:

Are you having more internal meetings than ever? More than 1-2 team meetings per week? 

Do you feel like you have less control managing remotely?

Have Key Performance Indicators such as productivity or quality been slipping?

Are there one or more team members who are posing challenges?

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Team Alignment Workshop

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How it Works...

Step 1: Register for a 30 Minute Intro Session where we’ll discuss your business challenges and schedule the 2-3 hour workshop

Step 2: Each team member takes the 5 Minute Assessment (a unique link for your team will be provided)

Step 3: Each member receives a 1:1 Assessment read-back session to dive deeper into their results, prior to the workshop

Step 4: Show up with an open mind and ready to grow as a leader, motivate your team, and free up your schedule!

..and What You Receive

  • Two hours of interactive and engaging team strategy and alignment work, with break out sessions and excellent, actionable take-aways

  • Free psychometric assessments to provide insight into each of your team members’ drives and motivations plus how they’ve had to stretch the last 3 months with 1 on 1 sessions for each team member to review results

  • Dive into your team’s strategic initiatives and goals for Q4 and examine where your team aligns to them and identify gaps and needs to execute successfully

  • Personalized action plans for each team member – prevent burn out and execute with confidence, use your natural strengths, and avoid falling victim to changing circumstances in the business

  • Team Action Plan Blueprint: This document spells out not only the work to be done but makes you think about who is doing the work and how you will win them over and support them. We’ll identify key individuals that will make or break your change efforts. 

  • Bonus Take Away (Printable PDFs): Assessment Results for each individual, at-a-glance Personal Development Charts for each team member highlighting strengths, cautions, and self-coaching tips based on their unique results

Limited Availability
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