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How Using Psychometrics Improves Hiring, Culture, and Profitability


How Using Psychometrics Improves Hiring, Culture, and Profitability

Presented by: The Outstanding Company

Presented by:
The Outstanding Company +
The Predictive Index

What exactly are psychometrics?

Whereas psychology seeks to understand the mind, psychometrics is the science of actually measuring mental capacities and processes. It’s about taking psychological science—like theories of personality and cognitive ability—and building tools to measure people’s underlying traits and abilities.

In this interactive workshop, we examine the profound effects of using psychographics in the workplace. We will discuss what is measured by psychographic assessments, what is not, and how we can apply them in hiring, employee engagement, company culture, developing our next leaders, and crafting leadership teams that are built to execute specific business strategies. Each participant will take a 5 minutes psychographic assessment and work with their own to apply what we’ve learned to their own selves, learning how using psychographics not only can improve business results but the overall lives of employees.

What’s at stake? 

  • Disengaged managers cost companies $77-$96 billion per year
  • Employee turnover due to low engagement: $11 billion per year
  • Negative reputation for future candidates
  • Lost customers in both sales process and account management

Around every corner is another company who has a survey and a promise to make it all better for you. With so much help available, why is it such a challenge?

The critical problem is that companies spend too little time really understanding what makes their people unique and how this impacts their everyday work experience. In fact, many employees are faced with strong pressures to change who they are in order to meet the expectations of their job, manager, team, or culture. This pressure can cause great strain, disengagement, and eventual turnover. 

In this webinar, we help you decode the problem and share the tools to fix it. 

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Natalie Grogan CEO of The Outstanding Company

Natalie Grogan
CEO, The Outstanding Company

Natalie founded The Outstanding Company to help leaders achieve their business goals by helping them develop an exceptionally engaged workforce. 

TOC works with companies to identify their unique challenges and uses scientifically validated Behavioral, Cognitive, and Job Assessments to help solve them. 

The results are tangible and include vast improvements in engagement and productivity, tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars in bottom line savings, and leaders who are empowered with the tools to create real organizational transformation.